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Emily Sutherland is an internationally recognized storyteller whose body of work spans a broad spectrum of genres and mediums, ranging from television and radio, to books and magazines, to podcasts and the blogosphere.

Her unique specialty is finding the heart, soul and voice inside every subject with a blend of raw authenticity and genuine compassion. She has lent her voice to countless biographical stories, essays and articles on the subjects of creativity, philanthropy, spirituality, relationships, leadership, hospitality and personal growth.

With more than twenty years of professional experience in the music industry, her name appears in the credits of dozens of Billboard chart-topping volumes produced by Gaither Television Productions, which still air weekly on television networks around the world. Her multifaceted roles as an executive staff member provided opportunities to excel in a variety of disciplines, including mass communication, ghostwriting, photo journalism, artist management, video production, web content creation, personal and professional blogging, public relations and general market product launches.

As an editorial board member for the entire fifteen-year life of Gaither Music’s niche publication, she contributed cover features, columns, artist interviews and photojournalistic stories.

She co-authored Anne Bieler's autobiography, The Secret Lies Within, which is due to release in September 2019 and available for presale at Amazon.com. Anne is the founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and her book offers an inside-out look at trauma, detailing Anne's winding journey toward healing and freedom.

The children’s book she released in 2017, It’s Hard To Hug a Porcupine, tells a timely story of the healing power of kindness toward people who are difficult to love and is available on Amazon.com.

Emily and her husband, Scott, are cofounders of the Love Better movement (www.lovebetter.world) and hosts of The Love Better Podcasts.