Summary of Experience

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Summary of experience


Some of my earliest and fondest memories are comprised of friends gathered around our family table telling stories. My family culture of storytelling has grown into a passion for understanding how our stories define our past, present and future. I’ve come to realize that, from biographies to strategic planning meetings, our stories drive everything we do.

Before launching a freelance writing business in 2017, my career was spent in the music industry. For twenty years I helped acclaimed artists and comedians tell their stories and communicate their message to the world. Since that time I have built on those experiences.

My range of experience includes:

  • Ghostwriting books & articles for high profile personalities

  • Video and television scriptwriting for numerous RIAA Platinum and Gold video releases.

  • Photojournalism and on-camera host for behind-the-scenes content on international concert tour

  • Magazine feature writer and columnist

  • Radio and television commercial writing

  • Web content creation

  • Event and product marketing copy for print and web

  • Artist biographies

  • Curriculum creation & marketing